How I Would Change Overtime in the NFL.

December 16, 2008

Once again this week in the NFL gave us an Overtime game where one team’s offense did not get a chance with the football.  This week it was the Saints-Bears game.   I voiced my opinion on this a while ago, and it is worth a revisit.

My solution is do kind of what college football does, but instead of starting at the opponents’ 25, have the team start on their own 25.  Should the team who got possession of the ball first, score, then the other team starts at their own 25.  If the team who starts with the ball fails to score, they do have the option of punting.  If team who started with the ball gives up the ball to the other team, (either by way of turnover, punt, loss of downs, missed FG, etc.) where the other team gets the ball will be the start of their possession in the overtime.  Should the second team fail to score, it becomes sudden death.

If both teams score equal points, you play another overtime, with no forced 2 point conversions.

After two overtimes the game ends in a tie, unless it is the postseason which you continue playing until a winner.

To me, it is either that system or just playing another 10 minute quarter straight to the finish.  Each team has a shot at the ball and a chance to win it on defense and their really cannot be any complaints.   The way it is done currently in the NFL is outdated and unfair.


Stunad of the Week – December 7 – 12

December 12, 2008

Each week on The Grenade we would like to award a deserving member of the public eye, the Stunad of the Week Award, for lack of being overly clever; I am calling it the Stewie.   To qualify this person has to go out of his/her way to say or do something like a stunad, or stupid.  This week I cannot find a more deserving recipient than Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and you can even throw his lovely wife Patti, between the two managed to drop the f-bomb roughly 18 times in that 76 page report on throwing President-elect Barack Obama’s Senate seat up for grabs.  My favorite part of the story is how this scumbag is not resigning from the office. You’ve embarrrassed yourself enough, Rod, just do the people you represent a favor and get the hell out of their lives and enjoy your time spent getting to know another Rod or two at one of America’s finer penitentiaries.  I would love to see him pick Mickey Mouse or someone fictionial to replace the Senate seat.  For kicks, he should pick good ol’ Chicago native Steve Bartman.

But, seriously, congrats on the Stewie, you truly earned it and this one will tough to top next week, but it’s always possible.


Current Standings:

Rod Blagojevich – 1 (wow that link still works!)

This is Gettin’ Good, Club Mets

December 11, 2008

On the day the Mets sent me an email to join Club Mets, a new $20 Met fan club, the team announces a deal to get some additional bullpen assistance.  Nicely played, Omar.  I guess that extension on your contract that I didn’t like before the season was over is paying off well.  The Mets acquire from the Seattle Mariners, (there is a professional team still in Puget Sound) J.J. Putz to be the set-up man to K-Rod.  All the Mets had to do was give up old unreliable Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith who was an ok sidearmer,  but probably won’t amount to too much, goes to Cleveland, fan favorite but couldn’t hit his weight Endy Chavez and minor-leaguer Mike Carp.  Carp may be something someday, he’s the only one I am skeptical about giving up.  No one will miss the Aaron Heilman face, or his 95 mph fastball that had absolutely no movement.  We will never forget Endy’s heroics in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, but with the walls at Citi Field double the size of Shea in left field, he won’t be able to rob any homers in Flushing anymore.  The Mets also acquire Jeremy Reed a younger utility outfielder and relief pitcher Sean Green.  Green had an ERA almost 5, but he’s a throw in, the gem in the deal is Putz.  Not only does it provide the Mets with a set-up man, but also insurance if our main closer K-Rod should miss any time.  As a Met fan, to quote Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles, “This is gettin’ good.”  Keep up it Omar, you are making up for what you should have done to this bullpen last year, but I am going to file the last two years away, 2009 can’t come soon enough for those of us in Club Mets.

Welcome to the Grenade

December 11, 2008

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many posts that will be up on the grenade.   My posts are going to be about sports, politics, music, movies, and other newsworthy material.   I am calling the blog the grenade because I think by talking about different things and laughing a lot we can get closer to the issues.  Before the holidays is a good time to start up all of this, and with a lot of news in the air, let’s get it on!