This is Gettin’ Good, Club Mets

On the day the Mets sent me an email to join Club Mets, a new $20 Met fan club, the team announces a deal to get some additional bullpen assistance.  Nicely played, Omar.  I guess that extension on your contract that I didn’t like before the season was over is paying off well.  The Mets acquire from the Seattle Mariners, (there is a professional team still in Puget Sound) J.J. Putz to be the set-up man to K-Rod.  All the Mets had to do was give up old unreliable Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith who was an ok sidearmer,  but probably won’t amount to too much, goes to Cleveland, fan favorite but couldn’t hit his weight Endy Chavez and minor-leaguer Mike Carp.  Carp may be something someday, he’s the only one I am skeptical about giving up.  No one will miss the Aaron Heilman face, or his 95 mph fastball that had absolutely no movement.  We will never forget Endy’s heroics in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, but with the walls at Citi Field double the size of Shea in left field, he won’t be able to rob any homers in Flushing anymore.  The Mets also acquire Jeremy Reed a younger utility outfielder and relief pitcher Sean Green.  Green had an ERA almost 5, but he’s a throw in, the gem in the deal is Putz.  Not only does it provide the Mets with a set-up man, but also insurance if our main closer K-Rod should miss any time.  As a Met fan, to quote Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles, “This is gettin’ good.”  Keep up it Omar, you are making up for what you should have done to this bullpen last year, but I am going to file the last two years away, 2009 can’t come soon enough for those of us in Club Mets.


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