How I Would Change Overtime in the NFL.

Once again this week in the NFL gave us an Overtime game where one team’s offense did not get a chance with the football.  This week it was the Saints-Bears game.   I voiced my opinion on this a while ago, and it is worth a revisit.

My solution is do kind of what college football does, but instead of starting at the opponents’ 25, have the team start on their own 25.  Should the team who got possession of the ball first, score, then the other team starts at their own 25.  If the team who starts with the ball fails to score, they do have the option of punting.  If team who started with the ball gives up the ball to the other team, (either by way of turnover, punt, loss of downs, missed FG, etc.) where the other team gets the ball will be the start of their possession in the overtime.  Should the second team fail to score, it becomes sudden death.

If both teams score equal points, you play another overtime, with no forced 2 point conversions.

After two overtimes the game ends in a tie, unless it is the postseason which you continue playing until a winner.

To me, it is either that system or just playing another 10 minute quarter straight to the finish.  Each team has a shot at the ball and a chance to win it on defense and their really cannot be any complaints.   The way it is done currently in the NFL is outdated and unfair.


2 Responses to How I Would Change Overtime in the NFL.

  1. Ernie says:

    I agree that the present way of handling this is totally unfair.

  2. Matt says:

    A full, fifth quarter would be best, in my opinion…

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