National Championship Pick

Tonight, I like Florida to capture the National Championship. If it is said that defense wins championships, Florida’s is better than Oklahoma. There is no D in Oklahoma, there is plenty of O, but I think Florida’s O will be just as good. The defense will help carry the Gators to their 2nd National Title in 3 years.

The pick: Florida Gators 48, Oklahoma Sooners 27


One Response to National Championship Pick

  1. thegrenade says:

    Well if you take my prediction and divide it in half, I got the score right. Give credit to the Oklahoma defense, they were great until the 4th quarter and kept the Sooners in it. But, it was the Gator D that made the plays we will remember. The goal line stand and the volleyball-ish interception at the 1 at the end of the first half made this victory possible. Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow were not great. I’m not sure if either will be much in the NFL. The best player on the field was Percy Harvin. He willed this team to the title. Congrats to the Gators!

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