2008 NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Divisional Picks – After a very good week of Wild Card Picks, going 3-1, and nailing the score of the Cardinals-Falcons game, I am feeling pretty high on life right now.  But, the Divisional Weekend always separate the men from the boys.  This week is for seasoned gentlemen only.

Ravens 16, Titans 10 – To me the main difference in this game is that the Ravens aren’t depending on Joe Flacco to win this game, just not to lose the game.  On the other hand, I think the Titans are relying more on Kerry Collins to pull another win out and I do not like the chances.  The last time Kerry Collins went up against the Ravens in a playoff game was Super Bowl XXXV.  He was intercepted 4 times and Ed Reed did not join the Ravens until 2001.

Panthers 31, Cardinals 17 – The last thing that the Arizona Cardinals want to do is travel east again, where they went 0-5 against teams in the eastern time zone.  Those games started early.  This is a Saturday night game.  I think that helps Arizona.  What doesn’t help will be Anquan Boldin not at 100%.  The Cards played the Panthers tough in their week 8 game losing 27-23.  The Cardinals actually outgained the Panthers 425 to 351.  Carolina is a better team since then, not sure if you could say the same about Arizona.

Giants 27, Eagles 20 – As it is said in investing when everyone is hot on something, you should back away and go in the opposite direction.  I like that advice.  Philly seems to be the team that many feel are last year’s Giants.  I couldn’t agree less.  The Giants aren’t the same without Plax, but they can still beat the Eagles.  I can never feel confident in an Andy Reid coached team, the guy makes Herman Edwards look like the best time manager in football.  I just can’t see the Giants falling twice to the Eagles at home.  I believe the Eagles weak spot on defense are the linebackers, and I am not sure they can control the tandem of Ward and the Jaco-bus.  Eli just has to be smart with the football and not give the Eagles hungry secondary anything to eat.

Steelers 20, Chargers 10 – This one is so tempting. The Steelers have been a lousy home team in the playoffs over the last decade or so.  Losing 4 AFC Championship games at home, one of them to the Chargers, and losing at home last year to the Jags.  But, I think the crushed grass/mud of Heinz Field hurts the Chargers.  Darren Sproles who was amazing against the Colts last week, will not be running on a fast track, and will have to carry more than normal, with LaDainian Tomlinson which translated in to Spanish means Carlos Beltran likely out.  Big Ben may not be 100%, but I don’t see him handing this one over to the Chargers.

The Steelers do lose at home in the playoffs, but they usually win at home in the divisional round.  I will wait until next week for them to lose at home.  Hint, hint.


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