Super Bowl XLIII: The Pick, No Miracles Here

Super Bowl XLIII, we have made it to the finals.  Man, do I miss the Bud Bowl.  It was commercials like those that you would look forward to even if your team wasn’t in the game.  At least, Springsteen is doing the halftime show.  He will do four songs.  If I could pick the setlist, based on my four favorites from the Boss, I would pick, “Thunder Road,” “I’m On Fire”, “Radio Nowhere”, and “Born to Run”.

One thing that is forgotten about the Super Bowl this year is the broadcasters.  This could be the last one for John Madden.  He is 72 now, and I am not sure how long he can still do it.  This year’s game is lucky to have whom I believe is the best play-by-play man out there in Al Michaels.  A man who is not appreciated enough.  His voice is excellent, he knows when to get excited and when to be subdued.  Al has a great vocabulary and in the 30 years he has been broadcasting on television, I can’t recall a time when I was really pissed at a call he made.  Ironic for Al, who has done so many football games, it will always be a hockey game that cements his legacy.  How many other sportscasters’ have a movie named after a call that they made.  I still believe in Miracles, and I still believe in Al Michaels.  Go back and listen to Joe Buck’s call on the Tyree catch last year. Do you think Al Michaels’ would have been a little bit more emotional and have the right words to say at such a crucial point in the game?  I certainly do.  Appreciate what we have in Al, you won’t see many like him in the future.   Not many do it better.

I know there has been a lot of interest in the Cardinals, well I think that is just hype.  I think this game does have the makings of a blowout.  We have been pretty fortunate with the Super Bowls recently and the last blowout I remember was the Buccaneers drubbing the Raiders six years ago.  The NFL seems to have copied the NBA’s formula for putting the fix in to the Finals to make them closer games.

The Cardinals have a terrific wide receiver trio with the unbelievable Larry Fitzgerald, the angry Anquan Boldin, and the underrated Steve Breaston.  Their running game is inconsistent.  I think we have learned over the years that you can stop a big passing game, with pressure on the quarterback and a double-team on the team’s best receiver.  It should be easier for the Pittsburgh D to stop the Arizona O, than it will be for the Arizona offense to stop the hard-working Steeler D.

The Steelers offense is not as high powered as Arizona’s, but it is a productive unit.  I would expect to see Willie Parker break off a few runs of 10 or more, and I would expect a big pass to Nate Washington sometime during the game.  I think the Steelers will use their defense to make at least two big plays, and one special teams play.  These plays will help shorten the field for the offense giving Big Ben and the Steeler offense full use of their weapons.  Hines Ward, not at 100% makes me hesitant to pick a blowout.  I think the Cardinals will have their chances in this game, but like the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL, they will make costly mistakes, and hopefully not blame the officials this time.

The Super Bowl Pick:  Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Arizona Cardinals 17.

I do not think the Cardinals have a seen a defense as good as the one they will face on Sunday.  The Cardinals have been a great story, but in 2008 the Pittsburgh Steelers are a great team and will capture their record-breaking 6th Lombardi Trophy.


One Response to Super Bowl XLIII: The Pick, No Miracles Here

  1. Ernie Baum says:

    Perhaps the Cards will score an additional touchdown, but the Commish is pretty much on the mark. i predict warner will end up throwing at least 40 passes but his average yards per attempt will be quite low because of the touch Steeler D. I predict also some turnovers on the Cards part, giving the game to the team from Heinz Field.

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