Stewie Award – Cleveland Browns

I wrote this at the beginning of the year after the Cleveland Browns named Eric Mangini, or as I like to call him “Man-boobies” head coach.  I never posted it, but now due to the latest posting by MJD, I feel it needs to be posted.  A Stewie is an award given to those who do something that defies reason.  I call it a Stewie as a pun on stunad in Italian, which means stupid.

The Cleveland Browns Organization – I am not from Cleveland, I have never been to Cleveland, but I think I know the following:

From what I have been able to gather from Browns’ fans is that besides Art Modell, the one other person the Browns fans hated was Bill Belichick.  He was hated for benching Bernie Kosar and the Browns fans never really forgave for that.  Throw in the fact that he only made the playoffs once and was the coach on the sidelines during their final season at Municipal Stadium makes Belichick all the more loathesome to the Dawg Pound.  Of course, after he leaves Cleveland he goes on to unprecedented success in New England added fuel to that fire. So, what do the Browns organization do, they first hire Belichick’s former defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, and after 4 years of missing the playoffs, the thoughts of a normal football guru would be to probably go in a new direction with the head coach of the team.  But, obviously the Browns organization is much smarter than you or I.  They hire Eric Mangini, who held the exact same position as Crennel, and had 3 years with the Jets without a playoff victory.  Just a month ago, Mangini was on top of the world and people were talking about a Subway Super Bowl.  Well, we all know what happened in December to the Jets.  A colossal collapse, that dropped the Jets from 1st to 3rd in the division.  You can blame Favre all you want for the Jets downturn, but Mangini’s defenses were abysmal for the most part.  In Mangini’s final three home games, the Jets gave up 85 points!  They lost 4 out of 5 down the stretch, and needed a bonehead call from the Bills just to win that one game.  The Lions took longer to deliberate the future of Rod Marinelli, than the Jets did in firing Mangini.

If you are a Browns fan, I cannot see how this would make you happy to look at the 2009 NFL season.  What is really the difference between Romeo and Eric?  Romeo has about 20 more years of coaching experience.  Maybe Mangini gave a great interview, but his record speaks for itself.  Why would the Browns fans want someone who has ties to a coach they despise so much?  The ownership did not serve the Browns’ faithful interests on this one.  I’ve been wrong before, but the fans of Cleveland deserve better.  And now to hear that not even a month  into his hiring that the players don’t like Mangini, well that justifies this Stewie Award even more.

So, to Randy Lerner and the Browns front office, you have earned your first Stewie and you have your pal from Family Guy, Cleveland Brown, to join you.




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