I Wanted To Feel Better About A Dead Osama Bin Laden

I found out via twitter last night that we finally killed OBL the SOB.

I thought I would feel more. I wanted to smile, I wanted to run into the streets with my American flag and make it feel like a personal V-E Day or V-J Day. It feels good; just not dance of joy happy, with apologies to Perfect Strangers.

I just do not feel like we won much right now. I do not know how much power Osama bin Laden still had over al-Qaeda.

Maybe it was the nine years it took to eliminate this evil or maybe it is because I know these cowards who want to kill innocent people and take their own life in the process are still alive and are planning to inflict more pain.

These people are terrorists and not Muslims. There are over a billion Muslims in the world. If their beliefs were the beliefs of all those who practice Islam, I doubt I would be able to type this. In Islam, Moses, Jesus and Mary are prophets not enemies. We must never forget this. I just want the Islam community to stand up and do more to let everyone know that they truly condemn these actions and these men are terrorists and not Muslims.

We can never be the people we were on September 10th. At that time, we believed that we were so innocent and so worry free. We brought everything on our airplanes and our military were nice to look at, but we were not really sure how much of it we needed.

I can only remember that on September 11, 2001, I was driving in my car and witnessed with my eyes the planes strike the Twin Towers. I did not see it on TV. I had one of the best seats in the house.

In an hour, New York City looked like Beirut. Our skies had become a battleground that you only thought existed in the movies. The image of a constant tornado over downtown Manhattan for a week after the attack never leaves your mind.

The first word that came into my head was vulnerable. We were attacked and our world was never going to be same. I remember the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, calling 9/11, the day the party ended. He was right. Our way of easy, protected life had been changed forever. The mainland had been attacked for the first time in over a century. But, this time there was no real army, just a few crazed individuals thinking that by doing such evil with airplanes they were destined for nirvana.

We can remember that it was our American soldiers that finally got rid of one of worst evils the world has ever known.

American troops are not going to withdraw out of Afghanistan or Iraq today. We killed one of the founding fathers of al-Qaeda. I would feel foolish to believe that the followers of bin Laden are going to lie down and raise up their white flags. That is not their M.O. They will likely view the death of bin Laden as murder and they will consider him to be a martyr. We must remain vigilant because just like after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, they will want to come back and they seek more destruction.

I want our troops to have their day down the Canyon of Heroes and feel the love and truly know that the American people thank you and know that you are a force for good to defeat evil that threatens our glorious way of life. Your sacrifices are never to be forgotten.

President Obama needed this, our military needed this, and the American people needed something to feel inspired about our country again. Sometimes it is a hockey game, sometimes it is killing public enemy number one.

It does not guarantee him re-election like some have said. It does help his chances and it does change the image of an Administration that has been told that it was not doing enough to secure the country. That is undeniable.

But tomorrow, gas prices will still be rising, unemployment will still be way too high, foreclosures will still be taking place daily, we have a 1,000 page health care reform law that nobody seems to fully comprehend, corporate greed will still exist, wealthy people will be getting richer, while the poor will continue to fall further behind, and our politicians will always be the best that money can buy.

James Carville will always be correct in saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” For today, that takes a pass to say, “It’s about freedom, stupid.”

I am hopeful that news of Osama bin Laden’s death is a spark to curing some of these ills and make people feel even more pride to live in such a wonderful country.

I want to feel better, but I know a future disaster may only be the next tweet away.


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