Recap of Jon Stewart’s Interview With Jim Cramer

March 13, 2009

I really liked Jon’s interview with Jim Cramer. Jon’s questions and video evidence of Jim bending the rules was terrific. But, Jon is pointing his blame at the wrong person. The blame in this are the investigative financial reporters, lies not just at CNBC, but every network that had a chance to expose more of the fraud.

Is CNBC at fault, sure it is. Is it more at fault than the CEO of Bear Stears, Wachovia, or Lehman Brothers? No. Are reporters more to blame than a clueless Federal Reserve or an incompetent Securities and Exchange Commission? Heck no. Those are the people he should be interviewing.

Jim Cramer is not really better than anyone else on Wall Street. He really does not pretend to be. He has taught me and many others a few things about the stock market. I have made money thanks to his recommendations, my research, and working with my financial planner. Anyone who just listens to his advice without doing any additional research is crazy. Could he have known more than he led on? Probably. But, even if he did, few would have listened. You can go back to my youtube clip on Peter Schiff where he was completely laughed at, click on the link if you don’t believe me. Most of us were making money and we were happy and did not care that we were skating on paper thin ice.

The stock market and the economy reminds of me of baseball in 2009. We knew years ago that these players (companies on Wall Street) were artificially juiced, but we really did not make a stink about it until it hurt us in our own pockets, or if someone hit 73 home runs in a single season that we did not personally like. We liked seeing McGwire belt out 70 in a year, even though we knew he was a fraud. He brought us to watch baseball again and the 500 foot homers were really cool. But, when Bonds was doing it, the red alerts went off. Over 100 baseball players, like Wall Street executives were nothing but pathological liars.

The people that Stewart should have asked his poignant questions are the CEO’s, and other executives that are actually in banking, not an entertainer. We can question and learn from the past, but we have to have the right people step forward and be honest. It is 2009, and the damage has been done, it is time for new ideas, honest solutions and never going back to the days of being sold a fraudulent house of cards. Interviewing Jim Cramer is about equal to interviewing Tim McCarver.

By the way, I loved how during the last commercial break there was a commercial for Bank of America. What a double standard, that is! Hey, we can pick on banks all we want, but we will take their advertising dollars! Welcome to the Daily $how!


Blasts & Duds from the Oscars

February 25, 2009
It is time to bring back the popular column of Blasts & Duds from the
Grenade.  Today, it is all about the 81st Academy Awards.  The
Oscars have always been good for some great Blasts & Duds over the
years.  Let’s see how this year stacks up:


1.  The Academy Selections – I wrote my 2009
Oscar picks
a couple of weeks ago, and many of picks came true. 
The Academy did not really have a surprise in the bunch.  Penelope Cruz
winning for Best Supporting Actress may have been the only winner that could
be classified as a surprise, but not a real big one in my eyes. 

2.  Kate Winslet  – Boy, she made up from her
"so surprised to have won" routine at the Golden Globes.  You
are a great actress, Kate, it’s ok, it is not a surprise anymore.  I
thought she gave a very good speech, and was classy throughout.  Brava! 

3. The Presentation of the Acting Awards – Great call by
the Academy to bring back 5 winners from each acting category to present the
awards.  You can’t beat seeing people like Robert DeNiro, Sophia Loren,
Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, and so many others was a true tribute to
the screen.  I liked how they were able to talk a little about each
performance and it did not feel rushed. 

4. India – The Slumdog from Mumbai, became a Hollywood
millionaire on Oscar night.  Nominated for 10 Oscars, they took home 8. 
And since, there were two nominees for Best Song, they went 8 for 9. 
Danny Boyle took home Best Director and Christian Colson sealed the night
with the Best Picture Oscar.  Indian music was rewarded with A. R.
Rahman winning for Best Musical Score and Best Song.  Slumdog
Millionaire had a fairy tale finish not only on the screen, but on Oscar

5. Jerry Lewis – The Academy rightfully bestowed their
Humanitarian Award for him.  While his health may not be at its finest,
his spirit felt strong.  I am very glad that they finally got around to
doing this, while this legend of a person is still with us.  I only
wish he was able to speak longer. 

6. Hugh Jackman  – I know people have gone back and
forth on this.  I liked how his opening act was not political, but
reached out to just about everyone.  While, he certainly was not
as good as Billy Crystal hosting, he did not take away from the awards. 
Hugh is an Australian gem.  He can host this show anytime, as far
as I am concerned.

7.  The Camera Crew & The Stage – Alright, I
won’t be shy, I loved that the camera crew panned to Angelina Jolie &
Brad Pitt while Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black were presenting for
Best Animated Feature.  +1 to the camera crew and directors from ABC. 
The Stage looked amazing, with that Swarovski crystal curtain.  Well

8. – Dustin Lance Black – A well deserved Oscar that was
followed up by a very inspirational speech.  It was heartfelt and real. 
You could tell he was very nervous, but it was something he needed to get
off his chest.  It must have been quite an honor for him to have won
this award for Milk, and to see how Harvey Milk’s story inspired his
own life is very impressive and memorable. 

9. – No Music Cut-offs – It was nice that people who won their
awards were not cutoff after 15 seconds of talking by the band.  
There should be a time limit, but at least give them a minute or so, to
thank and describe their feelings on one of the biggest nights of their


1. Sean Penn – Ok, ok, we get it, you are America’s
Douchebag.  If I ever met Sean Penn, I’d probably shake his hand with
my right hand and want to knock him out with my left hand. He is a
tremendous actor, and while I thought he would finish 2nd for Best Actor; I
was not upset that he was the winner.  But, dude, can you leave
political crap at home.  It has no place at the Awards. 
Republicans are not the devil, and not everything you think is right,
actually is.  You could taken a page from your screenwriter, Dustin
Lance Black, on how to give a speech that gives thanks and sends a message
with pride and dignity.  Oh, and when you get a chance, could you
remember to thank Harvey Milk, he might have played a part in your victory. 
That reminded me of Julia Roberts thanking 4 million people and not even
mentioning Erin Brockovich’s name in her speech.

2 – The Great Unknown – The question we all are left
with in our minds; what if Mickey Rourke had won?  No one has any idea
what he would have done had he won Best Actor.  We can only guess and
say what is on our minds, but it will always be one of the most unknown
questions in Oscar history. 

3. – Ben Stiller – It does not help that I am not really
a big fan of his to begin with, but I did not really think his Joaquin
Phoenix impression was funny.

4.  Anne Hathaway – Should be more like Anne
Go-away.  First, she is not pretty.  Maybe, I am in the minority
here, but I know I am not alone.  She has eyebrows reminiscent of Bert
from Sesame Street, a big beak for a nose, and when I see those teeth, I
want to re-do the Go-go’s classic hit, "We’ve Got the Beat," to
"She’s Got Big Teeth."   Second, I do not really think
she is that talented as an actress, either. 

5.  Eddie Murphy – He was not given the easiest
task, but he seemed to have some difficulty reading off the monitors. 
I am hoping he is not into any drugs or something else.  

6.  Beyonce & Queen Latifah – I like both of
them.  I just thought their choice of song were questionable.  In
the movie Dreamgirls, Jamie Foxx’s character says to Beyonce’s
character, Deena, "You know why I chose you to sing lead? Because your
voice… has no personality. No depth. Except for what I put in there." 
While it was just a movie line, there is some truth in it.  Beyonce
could not resist throwing in a snip of "At Last".  Please,
just leave that to Etta James.  As for the Queen, a lovely voice, and
one with depth, but "I’ll Be Seeing You" just did not seem to fit
her, in my opinion.  

7.  Bill Maher – Straight from the Sean Penn school
of Douchebagness, Bill decided to put a smarmy little comment about his
documentary not being nominated and that people who believe in God are
responsible for the world’s ills.  Sorry, Bill, but about 95% of the
people do believe in some form of a God around the world.  We all DO
NOT think like you, so please, do not act like we do.  I am sure
Bill was so upset that later that night he smoked 3 bowls worth of pot and
had 2 escorts to carry him through his lack of winning an Oscar. 

8.  In Memoriam Montage – We always like to see and
remember who passed away in the past year in film.  The one problem was
that the way it was filmed by the cameras, you could not see some of the
people who died due to bad angles and long distance shots by the cameras. 

My overall grade for the 81st Academy Awards is a B-plus.  It was
more of a blast than a dud, and it did justice to a very good year in
movies.  The ratings were up 13 per cent over last year. 

Why Satellite Radio May Be Grounded

February 5, 2009

I care about radio.  I love radio and grew with radio since the days I had my old clock radio in my room, long before I got a TV.  There was FM and AM and I listened to it every night before bed.  It was a great companion.  The beauty of radio is that it is a medium that allows our imaginations to take over a little, like a book.  You have images of what the DJ looks like, what the studio looks like, what the ballpark looks like, what that naked girl on Howard Stern’s show looks like, if you hadn’t seen those things previously.  The radio is an old friend, and one that really grew when satellite radio became available.  I could not wait to be add some new friends in this new era in technology.

I became a Sirius satellite radio subscriber in 2005.  This was shortly before Howard “The King of All Media” Stern was joining the company in 2006.  I love music and could not stand regular, or terrestrial radio anymore.  I had a long commute to work and my CD collection was growing stale.  I loved having Sirius.  The programming was new, I loved seeing what song was playing and it was great to have the talk, the sports, and Howard.  People said to me, “You’re paying for radio?”  I said yes, it is commercial free and it is terrific.   Howard was great, he could say and do anything.  But, as time went on, my commute got smaller and the memory on my Zune got bigger and my love affair with satellite has begun to diminish.  Today, seeing an email that Sirius XM is going to increase rates and remove free Internet listening really made want to write about the failures of Sirius XM.  This dog is crawling on its last legs and I am not sure how it will stand again.

Echostar came in as the White Knight today.  The White Knight is  Echostar’s CEO, Charlie Ergen, one of the 100 richest people in the world worth roughly $9 billion.  I cannot see the FCC allowing a Satellite TV provider to also have satellite radio.  The FCC sat 16 months on the merger of Sirius and XM, and that was when we all the economy was still growing.  Now, in a deep recession, I cannot see this being a priority to the Feds.

If this should happen, I would recommend anyone who held in positions in either Echostar or Dish Network to get out if they have not already.  Sirius XM is riddled in debt, in upwards of $4 billion.  Barring their is another White Knight with the ability to absorb such massive debt and is not involved in the communications industry where they do not have to worry about the FCC holding them up, Sirius XM may be able to avoid Chapter 11.  I can’t see what Echostar would want in owning Sirius XM, I could see them trying to buy what the satellite equipment they have, especially the terrestrial repeater network and then letting the rest go to someone else or down the drain.

Here are some of the reasons for the failure of Sirius XM:

Antiquated Technology & Rushing To Market – It’s the 21st Century and in order to have Sirius in the car, if my car does not have it installed is to

In 1995, this would have been great to have.  There were no iPods, no music on the Internet, just CDs or tapes and regular radio to get your music, news and sports.  XM began in 1988.  Sirius began in 1990, but few knew anything about it.  Had they gotten into the mainstream earlier and before everyone had broadband Internet connections, I believe they would have been very profitable.  Satellite radio would have been the product you couldn’t live without.

If a GPS device can work by just plugging the unit into my cigarette lighter, why does my Satellite radio need a 50 foot wire that goes through my car?  Was a Plug and Play model not easy to accomplish?  Sirius decided to use Directed Electronics exclusively to provide the equipment for the radios, and that really limited growth of the units.  The Sirius Stilleto came with its antenna attached the earphones.  This could not have been less comfortable.  I am not sure how anyone who tested these out on their own ears and said this feels good and I would like to wear this for a long time.  At least with XM’s portable units, there was an antenna on the unit and you could use your OWN headphones with the unit.  The problem is that the antenna only uses about 3% of the total satellite signal on its own.  Your chances of getting a signal at home without the wired home antenna kit is slim to none, also the portable units do not do well under areas with a lot of trees.

The fact that neither Sirius or XM has a unit that can play indoors or in your car without wires is preposterous.  In this generation, people like mobility and being without wires.  Sirius brought back the wires and the annoyances that come with that.

Obscene and Obese Contracts – Sirius and XM let the money fly like they actually had cash on hand and were profitable.  Neither were true.  Everyone quickly points to the Howard Stern megadeal.  Adding Stern in 2006 was a huge score for Sirius, but he came at an awful big price.  A five year-$500 million contract, plus another $200 million in stock.  As egregious as the deal was, it did bring in millions of subscribers.  Sirius needed a big radio star to grow the company, and it got it.  The number of subscribers before Stern were about 600,000, a year after Stern was on, the number grew almost 10 fold.  No other programming on Sirius or XM can come anywhere close to saying that.

How many subscribers did Oprah bring in at $18 million a year, or Martha Stewart at $7.5 million per year and now Chris “Mad Dog” Russo at $3 million per year.  All three would need to bring in over 200,000 subscribers just to break even.  I do not know of anyone who went out and got Sirius XM for any of these three.  In terms of sports, there need to be over 400,000, baseball fans subscribing to break even on the $59 million per year baseball contract.

Do the music stations really need professional DJs at an additional cost?  It seems to be that you could hire a chimp to play tunes on the stations and not really miss a beat.  I am not sure I know too many people who listen to their favorite music stations on Sirius XM looking for a single DJ.  They just want to hear music from that time or that genre.

The cost of just acquiring the content cost Sirius XM nearly $500 million.  That is nearly 3.5 million in subscribers which is equaled to an estimated 25% of the company’s total revenue.  Sirius XM has a total operating cost of around another $500 million.  Add the two together and you have about a $1 billion in costs and that eats into roughly 50% of the total revenue.  Remember that Sirius XM may say they 18 million total subscribers, but those numbers include new cars sold with satellite radio already installed, it does take into account whether those drivers actually keep and pay for the service.

The iPod & Free Internet Radio – There are over 100 million iPods that have been sold.  That is more than 5 times the amount of satellite radios.  Back when I bought my satellite radio in 2005, iPods could just play music.  Now, with units like the iPhone, you can listen to music, watch video, record video, surf the Internet, text message, and do it all without wires and no additional bills. Podcasts were in their infancy, and now there are millions of podcasts available, many without a fee.  Satellite radio cannot compete and finally is close to signing a deal with Apple.  Internet radio was always available, but now it has become even more popular as units are being made just for Internet radio.  There are hundreds of websites that you can listen to music just like Sirius for absolutely no cost.  You can listen to stations all around the world, unlike with Sirius XM that only has around 200 stations.

Not Giving Subscribers the Best of XM and the Best of Sirius for Free – In 2007, Sirius and XM agreed on a merger that would be hopeful in trying to pair two losers together to create a winner.  The merger took 16 months to take place and the FCC stalling on the merger did not help anyone.  During this time the value of both companies plummeted, and their stock prices became running jokes.   Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin took the only thing he had left which was the residual shareholder value to complete the deal.    We had been promised that this would benefit the subscribers and that our radios would not be obsolete.

As a gift to subscribers, I thought Sirius XM should give ALL subscribers at least 3 months free of what they call the Best of Sirius or Best of XM. This way the loyal subscribers could feel that this new company cares about us, and also we could get a feel of what we had been missing.  Sirius XM decided to give that to new subscribers, and if you wanted the Best of the other package, it will cost you an extra $4 a month, if you had a compatible radio.  If the cost had been the same, I may be more inclined to get a new radio.  Not all radios were compatible for the transition.  Another mistake.

They Are Increasing Subscription Rates At The WORST Possible Time – The company is no position to stunt subscriber growth.  Satellite radio is not a necessity, it is a luxury.  Mel Karmazin went in front of Congress and promised lower prices for subscribers in this article in July.  Today, I received an email from Sirius XM that The company is taking away subscribers ability to listen online for free in March.  It will cost $2.95 a month to listen online if you do not renew by March.  A little drastic for a company skidding on the balls of its ass, don’t you think?  Annual rates are supposed to be increased as well, but I have not seen any proof of that just yet.

I liken Sirius XM to the dot-com boom and subsequent bust of the late 90’s.  Neither Sirius or XM has ever turned a profit.  There was always future talk of positive cash flow but that has never even been close to happening.  I am predicting that with these changes their subscriber growth has stopped and they will see a reduction in subscribers for the first time.  If you did not own the product and you knew about the company’s financial difficulties, would you feel comfortable signing a year, 2 year, 3 year or more contract?  People are thinking, geez, are they going to be around next year?  With the economy the way it is, and with so much free media available online, I think less and less people will see the need for this, instead of more and more people saying they can’t live without Sirius XM.

Sirius XM is highly dependent on the automobile industry for its subscriber growth.  I do not think I need to tell anyone that any growth in that area is going to be few and far between in 2009.  I do think in the future automobiles will be wi-fi ready and be able to find radio stations online and all over the world.

I am sure if you are a present or former subscriber you have your own reasons that are in addition to what I mentioned.  Their customer service is tragic to say the least.

Sirius XM has $700 million in debt come due this year.  $175 million is due in just a couple of weeks.  They may be able to pay off the debt, but the company will still be miles away from turning a profit.  I am not sure what the solution is, do we just junk this technology, is their another company out there who will buy out Sirius XM and take the hit on their books in this economy, will the government take over satellite radio?

Whatever happens here; I think there was a golden opportunity that was mangled.  Management should have been more serious about their spending.

I may be telling my kids some day of the years that I paid for radio.  Hey, at least I didn’t buy an HD Radio.  For now, I’m off to bed and my clock radio is right there, oh and this radio has a MP3 input jack.